Ukrainian datingsite

If you can’t get the Woman’s email address, phone #, Skype contact, etc., RUN, don’t walk, its a scam agency. Even if you are talking to a Woman from a legitimate agency, there is a possibility that the Woman you are talking to is a scammer. I will detail how to do this later in this article. NEVER NEVER NEVER send money to a Woman you haven’t met or that you don’t trust (intimately). A scammer doesn’t want an airline ticket, they want your money. Occasionally, step back from your communications with her and look at them, as if you were a third party person and ask yourself, does this pass the stink test?

If you find ANY part of the text from your Eastern European Woman is in a Google search, DUMP HER LIKE A ROTTEN POTATO!Before I even get started, lets review some basic RULES about dating overseas Women (how to spot a fake will appear later in the article, these 5 are just “basic” rules if you decide to start this journey): 1. Any agency that will not allow you to talk directly with the Woman you are cyber-dating is a FRAUD. Any Woman that asks you for money or asks you to send money is a scammer. This can include requests to pay bills, to send money for airline tickets etc. If the Woman can’t keep her hands off of you and likes to kiss you and hold your hands, that’s a good sign.Do not send letters to be “translated.” Your letter is going to some fat man in Siberia. If you are dating an Eastern European (EE) Woman and you want to meet her in a 3rd city (say Prague), buy the airline ticket and have it issued in her name. I say this and still have have (regular) readers here emailing me telling me they got burned. If she always keeps a one meter distance between you and her, this is a good sign that she’s a scammer.If you don’t want your inbox flooded with Spam, set up an alias email address.For the purposes of writing this article, I went to my old alias email box (I haven’t accessed it in years), searched the spam box and in no time, I found an (unsolicited) email from “Olga” in Russia. Here is my email from “Olga:” Now, many Men will sign up to an online agency or dating service and some months later will get a letter like this.