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There was a rise in the publication of local history and guidebooks, often illustrated with a fold-out map.Estate and parish maps, like the Baker/Fosbrook map of Painswick (1820), were drawn up for landowners, often on a scale large enough to show each building with reasonable accuracy.The value of accurate maps for planning purposes became increasingly obvious.

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It had vignettes of major buildings around the border, as did some other 17th-century town plans.

Although decorative, the focus of the map itself is strictly on getting from A to B.

A few landmark buildings are shown in elevation, but built-up areas in plan - a combination typical of the transition from bird's eye views to modern maps.

All can be viewed online at the link above, courtesy of the Department of Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

A new survey was a major event throughout the 16th and 17th centuries.