Tips on dating a drug dealer

He will report to prison June 24, where he can hang out with his old boss, former narcotics division head Lt.

William White, who is doing 38 months for corruption.

Armed robbery is serious business, as are betraying the public trust and contributing to the public's distrust of police. Not being willing to testify against another person, let one's your brother, shouldn't be reason for increasing a sentence by 89 years and a factor of eight.

I wonder how much of the sentence was the drug conspiracy charges as opposed to the robberies.

Medicinal Marijuana, a product having the properties of a medicine made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria or to relieve pain.

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Agent Juan Luis Sanchez pleaded guilty to drug smuggling, bribery, and workmen's compensation fraud.

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The former Ramparts Division cop is already serving six years for a San Diego conviction for possession with intent to distribute cocaine.-DB] In Atlanta, another Atlanta narc has been sentenced to prison in the killing of Kathryn Johnston.Atlanta Police Officer Arthur Tesler was sentenced Tuesday to four years and nine months for lying to investigators about the November 2006 drug raid that resulted in the death of the 92-year-old woman.Marijuana use can cause complex thoughts leading to better ideas of how to live your life.Caution, free thinking has been routinely reported with continued use.