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Upgrading an electrical panel is not something that the do-it-yourselfer can accomplish.

It requires a licensed professional due to the dangers involved.

Stab-Lok panels may not trip, thus posing a fire hazard.

Alternatively, maybe you've traipsed down to the basement and discovered a different issue, such as faulty circuit breaker or outdated fuse box.

Remember to choose a panel that exceeds your electricity needs.

You have an option of installing an electrical subpanel to supplement your existing panel.

Most homeowners can sleep soundly knowing their electric panels will protect them by tripping off when a circuit overload occurs.

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Cost to upgrade an electrical panel varies, depending on these factors: Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

All have experience working on potentially unsafe Federal Pacific breakers with Stab-Lok panels.

says licensed master electrician Reed Chambers, who owns Peerless Electric in Euless, Texas.

If you use a laptop, you just charge those things up and off you go.”“Your stove is gas-fired, your water heater is gas, your heating is gas, and you really only need electricity for air conditioning and lights and 120-volt outlets, so a 100-amp breaker panel is plenty for a house like that,"“Some electricians — especially those who haven’t been around for a while or who aren’t really savvy with the code — will steer customers in a different direction just for not having the correct knowledge,” My breaker box is overloaded and was told it is a 32 and I would just need a bigger box,like something in the 40's.

The electrician said it would be about 0 for parts and labor.