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their Supporters in the Public Services and many, One-Dimensional Aboriginal Academics. But Murri Country Radio aka 4AAA Has found to be in Breach of, Clauses, 7.3 (a) 7.3 (b) and 7.3 (c) of the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice 2008. The Difference being of course, is that to the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) the Past is Pure Gold and/or Big Money.! (alb)The Mildura Fruit Company, seventy-five percent owned by the ( Chinese ) Shanghai Council. 8/9/13 ) I know the Chinese own the Bundaberg sugar mills. The Three Amigos are the most dangerous to our future. Contemporary Aboriginal Culture/Cultural Appropriateness; It's mostly all a Sham and a Rort. Almost non-existent 30 years ago, the rate of suicide and self-harm among the First Australians has reached crisis levels, particularly in remote communities and particularly among youth. ( I used to live there ) Though to their credit, many Hippies know more about the bush/bush-tucker than most Blackfullas ! (I used to) I noticed one alternative lifestyle bloke with a stall being interviewed by the woman from NITV, he stated that he was inspired by the Self-Respect shown by Indigenous people from overseas where he had previously visited. Between Mbantua festival chairman Neville Perkins, Imparja TV and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority. They just want to keep everyone feeling happy and warm and fuzzy. Just keep things in the realm of Dream-Time is their philosophy. (I'll get it right soon) (alb)NITV, the gubberment funded Gravy Train. And it dawned on me, how come these people are never declared, or claim to be, Homeless.!? That show, I think it's called African brides, where a white European woman marries a tribal or traditional Black African and living in a traditional dwelling. We have the dry Western and Interior, and then we have Rain Forests. Including, Administration and Management of Aboriginal and Islander and associated organisations. Legal Services, Health Services, Hostels, Youth Services, Education etc. As I am (along with about 5,000 other so called Aboriginal Activists, Self and Media Appointed Spokespeople, Leaders and Elders Including thousands of Aboriginal Academics) involved in and with, Human Rights issues as well.! And for the assistance that I've provided for many people over the years, including Accommodation and Counselling. The Whitefulla Aussies did/do it, and members of the AVI have picked up on this practice and have grasped it with both hands. ) I would probably be able to start to think/consider, that my job will/would be just about done. Or rather, the Sheer/Blind Stupidity of all these prominent Blackfellas that promote and pursue these issues ! They can dream to be like their idols the African American rappers/winners. Cultural Lives project manager, Mr Mc Conchie has spoken with hundreds of Elders, as have I, and we come to the same conclusions. Maybe they need to say they want to stage a Cultural/Music Festival. But the festival has been contaminated/defiled by grubby politicking. ( I'm researching this and au and there will be more on this soon. ) (alb)This festival is in Hippy Country where there is at least one every other weekend ! And are happy to play Jacky-Jacky and be mere spectators ! So basically, they're still running around like chooks with their heads cut off.! (alb)Watching a show about the Masai people of Kenya. Sometimes covered with plastic tarpaulins or sheets. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Well, Ill go through this site one more time, then thats it.! As all we have now is a divided /fractured Society. (alb)Well, this is how Governments deal with these issues, they offer Acceptance and Recognition as a Symbol/Token of a Friendship and of Future Better Understanding and Cooperation from the Aboriginal People. Then if some poor bastard stops and pulls out a packet to offer one, another half a dozen Blackfullas (most times drinking) will swamp the do-gooder and expect (and even demand) a cigarette also.! Once upon a time this was the role of the patrol officers, now it's the turn of the city slicker Aborigines with an axe to grind. Well, Cherbies is short/slang for Cherbourg/People. And what's that got to do with all this you might ask ! ) The A&I organisation services up here in Brisbane were All Double and even, Triple dipping. Submitting to and receiving funds from Commonwealth, State and even Local Government. It was More Money for them and they didn't have to comply with the Accountability Guidelines that were, and had to be, set by ATSIC. If so, Why do they Insist on Misleading and Keeping us All in Ignorance about this Issue.!? Im sure that if we as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people walk together, we can show the world that we are the fair dinkum, true blue Aussies. It has been Stated Many Times, by the The Descendants of the Original European Inhabitants, that We, the Descendants of the Original Indigenous Inhabitants, were Fortunate and Must Appreciate, that their Ancestors landed here and done the Colonising.! I that Aboriginal People aspire to the same as Anglo and Other Australians is flawed. And if you just Happen to Have your Own Radio Station.! Fair enough I thought, but they could get a cheap mobile.! Plenty of Free and Nourishing Food from Harolds Van or Roseys Van in Munro Martin Park. Working Hard all day just to feed themselves and Their Families. The Beautiful Houses on stilts that they had Obviously Built Themselves. And Further Encouraging them to continue in their drunken irresponsibility. As many of these people are parents and even grand-parents. * Legitimate criticism by active, and prominent members of the the Aboriginal Community of Inner City Brisbane, that I could name. Snatches of the speech could possibly be heard at the back, by anyone that was listening. Parts of Redfern including the Block and Redfern Park is/was a place of Drinkers. I used to stay there when I used to visit from the North Coast of NSW two or three times a year. Her beautiful house made of mud, tree twigs and limbs. The people setting up shops to sell their meagre goods in their spotless village. (after a couple of years as is now, the AVI is very vocal about the loss of ATSIC, but only because it is safe to be so.! The Suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act Is it because it is Advantageous to Aboriginal People.? Mainly Aboriginal People (AVI) that manage to attain both Financial Advantage and Moral Superiority whilst simultaneously Disowning any Responsibility for their Behaviour and its Outcome. We need to put aside all our differences and greediness and work together to better ourselves as the two important races of this Country. Its like we have to put up with racism, ignorance and put-downs from our white brothers and sisters and the division from our own Indigenous race. (2010 alb)One that sought to Produce and to Progress. And Without Interruption would have been much the same today. With the European seen as a Saviour and Beef a Godsend.! Big-Meeting amongst Indigenous Radio today (9/3/2006) apparently, according to Lets Talk. , Democrats Senator (how's that for name dropping) Sometimes the Only Caller All Week.! One day I rang to talk to a guest and was told that I couldn't because there were only two phones in the studio both being used. The Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) will Become Irrelevant. Cashed-up tourists looking to party with the Local Natives and their Ganga.! How they Made a Living out of other poor People's Rubbish. I have always observed The woodcarvers of New Guinea and how they lived on the Sepik River. A couple of nights back it was the Dharavi slums of Mumbai. Twenty-one people living in a house twelve-foot square. Yet the many times that the police and others have tried to stop this behaviour there is always some misguided and out of touch individuals (AVI) there in support of them (the drunks) and this continuing saga. no doubt Les Malezer also knows he can relate the past with little fear of Contradiction. And most of the reaction was from the Whitefulla audience. They/we weren't going to waste good drinking time listening to politicians.! She has to find a buyer to sell her bead-work to get money to feed her children. It really is embarrassing when people go on about us Aboriginals living in third world conditionsa' s mind. (13/10/2017 (alb)Australia, a Country of Climatic, Geographical and Social Contrast and Contradiction. Pippies, Oysters, and other tucker immediately available and all day. (like Stubborn Children) And we have become Blind to the Future. And as a consequence, we/ourselves, us Blackfullas, us Aboriginals, in our Ignorance, have developed into an Obstacle and an Impediment to any Progress, including Multiculturalism, in this Country. And as they gain in numbers and strength and develop in confidence (and politically) realise the Burden (those that already havent! In both cases, we long for something that isn't real and a past that in our imperfect memories, we have glorified, or a flawless future that will never exist. After a hard day protesting these Anarchists get together, have a beer, and a good giggle about them silly Blackfullas down at the Park.! But Seriously, I heard one very Misleading Statement from one of the Main Blackfullas.! Two well known and prominent members of the Aboriginal and broader community of South Brisbane. It seems that I am just going over and repeating myself. Abbott is about to increase the resources sales to the Chinese Government. ) old .357 magnum Smith & Wesson and making this Country a safer place ! (alb)Watching NITV, the whole Indigenous Media Industry is centred around Victim-Hood. This festival seems no more than one of them feel-good PR exercises promoted by Rhoda Roberts. Many times they are shown in the traditional Black African communities. Then we have the Coastal Fringe, where in a lot of places, it was Paradise. This is why people like and others feel the need to Communicate Directly with heads of Government. It is the Failure of These People that led directly to the Loss of A. The Problem is, we are becoming locked bolted and cemented there and could/will never Move On. alb) frequently discusses the human tendency to both romanticise the past and to give nostalgic value to the future. Every time they get dragged away, it Promotes Their Ideologies and helps to achieve Their Aims.! (alb)And is an initiative/creation of Lila Watsonand Mary Graham. Again, I really don't know what more I can add to these issues. A wool processor warning against the Chinese being the only customer. I know that they, the Chinese Government, own many iron ore mines in this Country. If I was physically able, I would have no hesitation in digging up the trusty ( rusty ? Giovanna Webb, crocodile farmer and Australian Rural woman of the year wants to involve and teach Aboriginal women the industry as they keep the communities together. Again where the Aboriginal performers paint themselves white to cover their pale skin.!? The point seemed to be lost on the smiling interviewer.! There is/was no mention of her marring a Homeless man.! Battling to get money so Africans can get clean water to drink.

A Major Factor in the lives of the Original Peoples and Societies of This Country. The Inhospitable Interior, where Life for All, was Harsh and Unforgiving. Terrible for kids and the old and infirm, they went first. No mitigating circumstances with them old Blackfullas.! (anon)These Professional Protesters and Activists are still in Musgrave Park. (13/12/2012.alb)These gestures, offerings, actions, initiatives, achievements and/or accomplishments, by the Aboriginal Elite and their Supporters of the many years, on reflection, it is/was all about Money. Unfortunately, Lila and Mary, like so many long-time full-time activists, would not have been out of their comfort zone for Many years. There doesn't appear to be anything happening in response to the concerns I raise here and on other sites and forums. Now, I've been aware all the time that to Massively increase the readership of this site, all that needs to happen, is for this site/content to end up in Court ! With kids drinking dirty water from gullies and ditches.

But then again (I thought) this could be some sort of Tactic.! To Negate, Neutralise and to Nullify, Listener, Audience Input.! (must be accommodated) Definitely Not Experts in their Field. As many Aborigines employed in organisation services are stated to be or are accepted as. Lack of Openness and Disclosure has no doubt assisted the Loss of A&I Organisations Services and Property In The Past. He deserves the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) Award of the Week.! the poverty issue., a Victim is seen to be, and portrayed, a Loser. Anyways, I just thought I'd share that story and I hope everything is alright with How many Hundreds of Millions of People from all around the World would give Almost Anything and go through and face Extremely Dangerous and Treacherous Journeys and People to be able to live in, and to give their Children the opportunity of the Aussie Lifestyle.!? The show about the Daravi Slums of Mumbai in India was on again last week. Whitefullas have to sort out this never-ending and endemic Alcohol Abuse Issues including Family Violence for us.... It would seem that we are Hopeless without Whitefullas! alb)This splashed across the front page of the NIT. And got onto the face-book page add with all the selected comments. I was listening to the ads on AAA about the workshops and decided to find out how far they () had developed it. I knew for a start that it wouldn't be their money that was running the workshops.! But on reflection, realised that these two have been in the thick of things generating government funding for Many Years.! And even organisations, Including the one they work out of in West End.

A) This after the usual cordial invitation was extended to listeners by to, Ring Up, make a Call, send a Fax, Give Your View, Make a Statement. There were simply no Qualified Aboriginal people to run them. Local (self-appointed) Spokespeople including Elders and their Failed Responsibilities in and To, the Community. (Nepotism) Or on the board of another organisation. Information that any Responsible Member of the Indigenous Community, Should Be Entitled To. I don't know what happened after that as I moved out from where I was at the time. The 0.00 (over 0 with rent assist) a fortnight on the Dole, and 0 for DSP is a huge sum to these People and many of the enterprising have started businesses on this income.! The Whitefullas have to sort out this terrible Child Abuse in our Communities for us. There is still a lot of mileage in Congress yet for is moving about the community letting it be known in no uncertain terms that the days of socialist government, where government is expected to provide everything, where a new project is never started before applying for and receiving funding, are gone. (this is very interesting) (alb)Doing a bit more research/delving into the Black Card. How much money have they generated over the years for other initiatives and projects.

alb)At present, there are over 5.000 Aboriginal and Islander Organisations or Corporations. Regarding and involving easier and continued access to funding. I left Thursday Island many years ago and I lived in Cairns for a few years before moving to Darwin. We must Avoid, Administrators being appointed, De-funding of A&I Organisations. You know about the most powerful man in the world.? And they feel No Obligation to Aboriginal People or the Aboriginal Cause. A victim of a theft is the one that lost the money. And it may have been coincidental, but not long after, publicly stated (on Let's Talk) that he was like a boxer, in that he gets knocked down but he keeps getting up.!

9/2007 alb)I am a full-blood Torres Strait Islander and very proud of my race. They have been doing it for a while.) And, No Tax To Pay.! That's another Major Drama and Worry, these People influencing decisions that affect our future. The us and them mentality and attitude is Prevalent. You see all these thousands of Black African Refugees in Australia with thousands more to come.? And in a few years time, not long, these people will Dominate in this Country. And while you young (and old) fullas sit around playing , with your Surly, Chip on the Shoulder, Grudge Against Society Attitude, the African Aussie may well be the future, Black Face of Australia. A victim of an assault for instance, is the one that lost the fight. Is this really all you have to offer , Are you trying to solve (a) some Problem(s).? Just like it was Completely Unexpected Ground-Breaking News.! (something that NIT is not known for) Instead it is nothing more than the same old same old. I pointed out on one of my sites that these long-time Protesters and Activists have become Punch-drunk and will strike out at anything.