Updating a modded wii

Select any game you want using the Wiimote and then press the Copy button in the dialog box that pops up, like so: When it’s done copying, eject your SD card from the Wii and take it over to your computer.

We’re using a PC running Windows 7 for this tutorial but any computer that can read the FAT file system will work just fine.

Let’s open up that folder and take a peek: The file is where the magic resides.

Each /gamecode/ directory will have a file inside it.

updating a modded wii-71updating a modded wii-57

Select the game save you want, click Copy, and you’re in business: Make sure before copying the game save from the SD card to the Wii that you have removed the game from the Wii.It’s neat to know that but beware that sometimes there are deviations, especially with Game Cube ports and games with tons of related titles (such as all the Metroid releases).Our own demo transfer here is proof of that, we saved Pikim (a game ported from the Game Cube) and the title code is R9IE.If this is your first transfer you’ll only see one directory, if you’ve copied multiple game saves you’ll have multiple and confusingly named directories within the /title/ folder, like the screenshot below: How do you decode that mess?The easiest way is to consult a list of Wii game codes, such as this massive list at Wii Save.