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So funny and apt, but just the one mention will do.Going forward, there’s a lot of telling rather than showing. And regarding the length, I love the Mr Bones flashback bit, where Jay’s timid father briefly comes alive while acting in a minstrel show, but apart from that, do we even need the first 200 pages?This series is called “Successful Queries” and I’m posting actual query letter examples that succeeded in getting writers signed with agents.In addition to posting these query letter samples, we will also get to hear thoughts from the writer’s literary agent as to why the letter worked.The 72nd installment in this series is with agent Jim Mc Carthy (Dystel & Goderich Literary Management) for Libby Cudmore‘s mystery, THE BIG REWIND (February 2, 2016, William Morrow), titled in her query as NO AWKWARD GOODBYES.Her book has been highly praised in anticipation of its release by Kristi Belcamino, Anthony and Macavity-award nominated author of BLESSED ARE THE DEAD.Forthcoming 2018 titles from the imprint include works by W. Play and win: End of Semester Bingo Essay of the Day: In this week’s magazine, Charlotte Allen writes about Richard Hansen, the archeologist who discovered evidence of the preclassic Mayan civilization: “Richard D.Hansen is the director of what is probably the largest archaeological excavation in the world, the Mirador Basin Project, some 51 ancient Mayan cities connected by raised causeways along an 840-square-mile elevated trough in the middle of the dense and swampy rainforest of the northern Guatemalan lowlands.

She lives in Upstate New York, where she is a plucky reporter for the Hometown Oneonta and the Freeman’s Journal. When a mix tape destined for her friend Kit Kat accidentally arrives in Jett Bennett’s mailbox, she doesn’t think twice about it—even in the age of i Tunes and Spotify, the hipster residents of the Barter Street district of Brooklyn are in a constant competition to see who can be the most retro.

‘Likewise, the idea that the siblings interact like members of cannibal tribes that Jay encounters on his travels.

So funny and apt, but just the one mention will do. Wilson reviews Hilary Spurling’s biography of Anthony Powell: “Hilary Spurling, a long-time friend of Powell, was long ago anointed by the great man to be his biographer.

Before then, it was believed that nearly all the great monuments of Mayan civilization—the pyramids, the brilliantly painted murals, the elaborate stone carvings—dated no earlier than what is known as the ‘classic’ Mayan period that ran from about 250 to 900 a.d., roughly corresponding to the early Middle Ages in Europe.

After 900, that civilization appears to have collapsed, and the inhabitants of its impressive cities abandoned them precipitously.