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Again, after checking into new accommodations, we headed out on another hike.

This one was considerably more difficult than the last and actually had ropes in areas where you needed to scale the rock walls.

Well, after months of searching, I FINALLY established a contact with a woman who works for Kuapa Kokoo.

For those of you who don’t already know, I spent about four months in 2007 researching fair trade coffee and cocoa…

By noon we met up with Theresa in Hohoe, where she had been stationed all week doing workshops with FIDA.

Before we headed to a local cocoa patch, the women all sang and clapped for us.

It was great to have a few days to get some exercise and get out of the ciaos that surrounds our lives living in Accra.

Hopefully if all goes as planned, we will be heading north again this weekend to Kumasi to visit some cocoa farms. This past weekend was hands down one of the best so far on my adventure to West Africa this summer.

After living in an old English colony for the past two months, travelling into an old French colony was sooo amazing. After a supper of homemade pesto gnocchi and dessert crepes, followed by an evening at our hotel listening to live music, we hit the hay early.

I was truly disappointed in the morning when we decided to move on to Benin but also interested to see how another old French colony would compare with Togo.