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Most images can be cropped, scaled, rotated, or flipped using tools provided in the Wells Fargo reserves the right to accept or reject any artwork, images or logos.

The guidelines below will help you choose an acceptable image.

Once approved, your new card will arrive within 5-7 calendar days.

Wells Fargo will notify you by email if there’s a problem with the customization and image that you submitted, and we will invite you to try again with a different image that meets our posted Image Guidelines.

Once your card is available to be customized, the card status will automatically change from Processing or Available Soon to Customized or Eligible on the Note: Design options may vary between card products.

Due to differences in monitor displays, computer graphics capabilities, as well as the size and quality of your image, the design you create and approve online may vary slightly from the actual card you receive.

Sometimes you can successfully alter your image files using a photo software application from your camera company or another photo-editing tool.

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Images that include any of the following will be rejected: Business cards may display your own company logo, an image depicting your business “storefront,” or another image that captures an aspect of your business, provided it meets the Image Guidelines listed above.

Account holders can customize a card for anyone on the account, including additional cardholders, but please note that all cardholders on the account will be issued a new card with a new expiration date each time any credit card on the account is customized.

To prevent processing delays, we recommend that you customize all cards on the account within the same session.

service page but its Status is not listed as Eligible, your card will be temporarily unavailable because it is currently in one of the following statuses: Card Status—Processing.

The Processing status indicates that you’ve recently requested a customized card and your selected image and customization are currently being reviewed for approval. The Available Soon status indicates that you are not able to customize the design of your card at this time.

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