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The following manual procedure is more efficient method and you can check to verify results. All the computers with Quickbooks installed may update using the same downloaded update file. Networks By turning on the Share download option, when Quick Books updates automatically (not the manual method) Quick Books downloads updates to the location where the shared company data file resides. On the options tab, select yes for the shared download option. Otherwise, Quick Books downloads updates to a location relative to the directory or folder where Quick Books is installed. Share the folder containing the Quick Books company file with all Quick Books users on the network 2. Otherwise, you will need to sign into the "Admin" user to continue with these steps.If you are not the administrator and you try to update your company file, you will receive the message, "The company file needs to be updated.

Use constant steps as Option 2 to apply the crucial fixes.It's important to check your company file before installing a new version of Enterprise so that any data problems can be corrected prior to the installation process and the file is compatible with new features and security.This will allow the installation to go much more smoothly.However, if the Internet connection in your office has limited bandwidth, you can save bandwidth by turning off the automatic updates as long as you are not using Quick Books Pro Plus, Quick Books Premier Plus or other Quick Books subscription plan.John Ruiz began his writing career in 2008 as a freelancer writing for e How and various technology, software and hardware blogs. Ruiz earned a Bachelor of Science in information technology and web design from AMA Computer University.