Linksys router validating identity

I used to be able to connect with laptop at about 1 Mbps(no bars) and not at all on the PS3.I now connect at 72Mbps(4 bars) on the laptop and have 5 bars on the PS3.You should now see an available wifi connection titled "wifi_repeater1".

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Then I read about this Blurex wireless range extender solution that takes your existing wifi signal and repeats it further. It couldn't be any easier to setup, I didn't even need the instructions. Connect your pc/laptop to this device using the provided LAN cable2. Disconnect the device from your pc/laptop and plug it into a wall socket somewhere in between your wireless router and your computer.4.

Now find a spot where your can plug it into a wall socket in between your router and the dead spot in your house.

I put mine at the top of my stairs midway between the front and back of the house on the 3rd floor.

On the second floor I have superb connection with full bars.

My issue is on the top floor, I kept losing the connection and even when connected was getting maybe 1 bar.