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Perks include: 1) Ability to change usernames: We all go through phases.

At one point we may feel a username like will attract a lot of attention, but later feel something a little more modest and classy would be better.

3) Quickmatch: This is a function that will select and show you compatible members.

It draws this information based on the ‘looking for’ section of your profile, your location, as well as the compatibility between you and the other person’s match questions.

While Ok Cupid does not offer functions such as ‘winks,’ ‘nudges,’ or ‘flirts,’ like other websites, the ‘like’ feature can serve to replace these gestural expressions of interest.

6) Liking and Visitor Notifications: Whenever someone visits or ‘likes’ your profile, you will receive a notification that includes a link to their profile.

Rather than creating an entire new account, a simple name change is possible. 4) All likes and visitors are revealed: Free accounts will only be able to glimpse their most recent visitors, while A-List members will always be able to see everyone who likes and visits their profile.

7) Boosting: For a small price, you can ‘boost’ your profile to be seen by more people.Second, you choose which answers you will accept from a potential date.Third, you rate the questions importance (this ensures superficial questions such as your favorited ice cream flavour is not given the same weight as something like political and religious beliefs).The majority of Ok Cupid users reside in the USA, Canada, and the UK, and people can use this dating website for long term partnerships, casual dating, as well as friendship.The website uses algorithms to unveil compatibility between singles and it offers search engine filters to reveal suitable matches.