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High-level mathematics and programming skills will be highly regarded.Geoscience Australia values inclusion and team work.“We should be protecting young borrowers in the same way that we protect other borrowers,” he said. “No one would sign an open-ended credit agreement for a luxury car without fixing the terms of repayment, yet this is what young people are being asked to do.” A Sutton Trust report last year revealed university graduates in England face higher debts upon graduating than anywhere else in the English-speaking world.A Department for Education spokesperson said: “The English system of student funding is sustainable, and has been recognised as such by the OECD.In an extensive report into the effects of student debt, experts from the Intergenerational Foundation (IF) predict students fresh out of university will be more than £5,000 worse off by the end of the March following graduation, due to “exploitative” interest rates and compounded monthly charges and tuition fee incrases.Even when earnings increase with career progression, a graduate on a salary of £55,000 at the end of their 30-year loan repayment period will have paid back just over £40,000 on £33,000 borrowed, with a remaining £58,000 unpaid.“This often means that hard though they try, borrowers cannot keep pace with payments needed to cover the high ‘interest’ - let alone pay off the original loan they took out.” The former Clifford Chance lawyer has previously argued that the government loans are illegal, as well as deceptive, tying students into contracts that could leave them paying out more than double the amount initially borrowed.

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The Geoscience Australia Graduate Program offers an outstanding opportunity for you to build a great career in applied science for the benefit of the nation, pursue new challenges, and work in a diverse scientific environment.

Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees.

Our first priority at the College of Nursing is student learning.

Are you eligible to be a Geoscience Graduate in 2019?

You must have, or be completing in 2018, a minimum of an Honours degree (or Masters or Ph D) in a relevant discipline, for example science (particularly earth and spatial science), engineering, maths or statistics.