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Despite the problems on the opening day, Disneyland was clearly an enormous success.It attracted visitors worldwide in unprecedented volume.

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Soon, Walt built the Carolwood Pacific, a miniature steam train layout in the back yard of the Disney residence on Carolwood Drive.

Disneyland was partially inspired by Tivoli Gardens, built in 1843 in Copenhagen, Denmark and Children's Fairyland built in 1950 in Oakland, California.

Disney's original modest plans called for the park to be built on eight acres (32,000 m²) next to the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California as a place where his employees and families could go to relax.

Walt delighted in giving visitors rides on his miniature train.

(See Michael Broggie, Walt Disney's Railroad Story, 1998.) Early in development, during the early 1950s, it became clear that more area would be needed.