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Her parents' protestations of innocence came after they arrested along with five distant family members in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

They were released without charge, but following Alesha's testimony they were both jailed for life.

Nine years after Shafilea disappeared, the truth finally came out in court - her father had stuffed a plastic bag in Shafilea's mouth, holding it there until she stopped breathing.

It was almost six months until her body was found in the River Kent in Cumbria, some 70 miles from the family home in Warrington, Cheshire.

To body language professionals, this contradiction is a clear sign that he was lying and an indication of his guilt.

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And it appears that is what gave the game away for Iftikhar Ahmed, as determined by expert Cliff Lansley.

Ahmed's head moved in an up-and-down motion at the moment when he was pressed on his involvement in the murder, at almost the exact time he expresses his verbal denial.

A slow nod often means someone is listening, while a fast nod means the listener is saying that they have heard enough and wish to talk.

However it is wise to raise suspicions when someone shakes their head but actual says something positive, or nodding the head as they say something negative - as it could be a way of determining that they are lying.