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Super easy now: select the object, drag it to the Stencil Browser, and you’re done.

Finally, the Resource Browser handles folders like a Pro.

Finally, with the improvements to the Stencil Browser in 7.6, it’s do, though, is make assumptions about what people want us to do with their existing stencils; people edit, duplicate, and delete stencils for a lot of different reasons.

We don’t want to mess with anything that might be interrupt a workflow.

The release notes give all the details, but this is a big release if you’ve been working with (and sending feedback on—thanks, if that’s you! As an aside, feel free to share your scripts and quick workspace improvements that Omni Automation brings to Omni Graffle—we’re working on a better way to share them, but if it’s worth sharing with others, let us know! Last week saw the release of i OS 11, and with it, the release of Omni Graffle 3.2 for i OS. Just recently introduced in Omni Graffle 3 for i OS and Omni Graffle 7.4 for Mac, Omni Automation exposes a brand new interface of Omni Graffle.

The release was a major update with brand new functionality for Omni Graffle featuring Drag and Drop in different areas of the app, as well as integration with the new Files app. Powered by Java Script, users will be able to create, bundle, and share Plug-Ins to use on platforms.

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It is recommended that layers created in Esri Maps for Office should only be edited in Maps for Office.For starters, let’s just see which version of Omni Graffle is installed: select Show Console via the Automation menu and type ` And that’s….pretty easy!You can find more documentation about Objects, rects, and everything else by selecting API Reference via the Automation menu.When you share a layer, a feature service is created on Arc GIS.You can continue working with the layer on Arc GIS or you can easily add the layer to a Power Point slide.