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If, after maturing, it still eludes you then I pity you.x (7 out of 10 )I'm definitely not a Nazi, and I have to say, I loved the film. Blaine is a man who is no stranger to good causes but due to a broken heart has become the jaded drunkard who does not stick his neck out.Meanwhile, Tony makes the devastating observation that the "movie is black and white" (nothing escapes these geniuses) and that a number of "snobby film critics" like it.Obviously there can be few worse fates for a movie than to be appreciated for over six decades by anyone who actually knows something about films.And for a film that features the most number of memorable lines in cinema history it seems puerile to say it 'blew goats'. If you can't see the depth of love and emotion in this movie, you are either too young and immature or you are living without passion in your life. What kind of monicker is that for a man who simply appreciates nothing about the great medium of film?People tend to think that classics are good because, well, you said it yourself- they're called classics.