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This value shows the amount of learning at a set standard that can count towards the TCE.

You can meet this standard with a reasonably challenging two-year program of study at senior secondary level with at least 1200 hours of study in senior secondary subjects.

My background is in psychology and primary school teaching, both of which have helped me along the home education journey. Home education is simultaneously one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life.

It has become a way of life for our whole family, and has enabled us to develop deep relationships as well as learning together.

THEAC functions as a reference point for queries, responds to community concerns and liaises with other agency regarding home education. Home educators in Tasmania comprise a richly diverse and vibrant community from many backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

Their reasons for home educating are varied, as are their philosophies, methodologies and practice.

A home education can provide an environment for learning where the child is known, valued and nurtured according to the child’s individual needs and differences.

We love the flexibility and almost endless opportunities available to home educating families and their children.

The following piece was written during my participation in a working group in 2016, when the new standards and guidelines were being developed.

The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council (THEAC) was established in 1993.

While its roles and responsibilities have recently changed under the 2016 Act, the Council continues to provide advice on matters relating to home education, both to the Education Minister and Registrar, and to members of the community.