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If you haven’t read about it yet, “Eugene Goostman” is a chatbot that’s being heavily promoted by the University of Reading’s Kevin Warwick, for fooling 33% of judges in a recent Turing Test competition into thinking it was human, and thereby supposedly becoming “the first program to pass the Turing Test” as Turing defined it in his 1950 paper. In reality, while Turing did venture a prediction involving AIs fooling humans 30% of the time by the year 2000, he never set such a numerical milestone as the condition for “passing his test.” Much more importantly, Turing’s famous example dialogue, involving Mr. :-))) By the way, I still don’t know your specialty – or, possibly, I’ve missed it? Eugene: Just two, but Chernobyl mutants may have them up to five. Scott: No, I need to know that you’re not a chatbot. :-))) Oh, what a fruitful conversation;-) Scott: Do you understand why I’m asking such basic questions? Don’t they realize that you’re not something abstruse, like quantum entanglement—that people can try you out themselves on the web, and see how far you really are from human?

And we’ve successfully developed an image recognition app to detect explicit images containing adult content. Now, the best option for this is to add more features and create a sext spying app which can be useful for today’s parents.

It’s a modern craze that scares the most parents about their children exchanging inappropriate pictures and selfies with friends or even strangers online.

Furthermore, in addition to supporting deep learning with over 30 layer types, it also supports standard models such as SVMs, tree ensembles, and generalized linear models.

And because it’s built on top of low level technologies such as Accelerate and Metal, the Core ML seamlessly takes the advantage of the CPU and GPU to provide maximum performance as well as efficiency.

All you have to do is get a readymade python script, convert it into Core ML data model, and integrate it into your i OS 11 app.

Here’s how integrated the Core ML data model into our image recognition app.

Core ML lets you integrate a wide variety of machine learning model types into your i OS app.

During WWDC 2017, Apple launched a lot of APIs and exciting frameworks for i OS11 App Development.

And among all the new frameworks, Core ML is undoubtedly the most popular framework.

After that, we set up the Storyboard by adding an imageview, which will allow the user to select an image from the library, and one Label to show the image detection status.

Next, we imported Core ML framework in View Controller.swift file, and added image picker method to let users import images from the photo library.