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Born in London in 1940, Ed was just 2 years-old when his family moved to Surrey to escape the London Blitz.

His interest in all things 'Great Western' began as a small boy during family trips by steam train from Paddington to visit his grandparents in Gloucester.

For example, the date attributed to Stuarts Sanders evocative shot of 'Castle' class No 5044 Earl of Dunraven departing Paddington with the 5.55pm down 'Red Dragon' is stated to be 4 April 1957.

Above all else, his willingness to share his in-depth studies with others is an admirable quality and many enthusiasts have dropped a line to express their appreciation. The Internet is a valuable resource visited every day by countless thousands of enthusiasts, all of (Inset right) Derek Dean writes an evocative caption for this Stuart Sanders photograph: 'The fantastic sight and sounds of a beautifully-clean Britannia starting away from Paddington Station was an experience to be savoured; the 'Red Dragon' express restaurant service to Carmarthen begins its long journey hauled by 7MT Britannia No 70016 Ariel , where the staff looked after their BR Standard Pacifics extremely well.Meanwhile, if you spot any inaccuracies, a contact email address can be found at the bottom of the webpage(Above) Following a Heavy General overhaul at the Swindon factory in October 1956, Laira's 'King' class No 6026 King John makes a splendid sight departing London Paddington with the down 'Cornish Riviera Limited'.It is little recognised that the Cornish Riviera was known to railwaymen as 'The Limited', yet the train carried a 'Cornish Riviera Express' headboard for most years.However, when you look at the economical wording in some of the Western Region captions, you'll understand why I think Ed's research into the Western Region's Reporting Numbers is so significant.For example, this splendid shot by Richard Greenwood is simply described as a single-chimney 'Castle' class No 4075 Cardiff Castle heading an 'up' express at Twyford on Saturday 29th July 1961.