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Anne’s always chastising me for talking about eligible young men, and Molly is the patient one, telling me to wait for a man in God’s timing. I’ve met a few overweight math professors in their forties, who enjoy extended discussions about computing and Starcraft. “Well, you’ve only got six months,” I chastise, putting on the tea kettle. ” I suggest church hopping so that she can view all the available men in her demographic. I say, I’ve had a lot of success with awkward taxi drivers asking for my hand in marriage, and some good conversations with slightly overweight IT guys who smell funny. He’s an extremely handsome young man with tan skin and glowing white teeth, who attends the local Russian church. I shrug a little — I’m not convinced this is necessary, since I read Rodney Stark on the benefits of Christian women marrying Romans, back in the day. Azamat Qanatbekov, an employee of the local prosecutor’s office, told the protesters that authorities would look into the matter.Egeubaev and eight other individuals who described themselves as "public activists" posted an open letter to the Internet on January 12 that they said was also addressed to top Kazakh officials, including the chairman of the National Security Committee, the justice minister, and the head of the presidential administration.Kazakhstan, a relatively prosperous former Soviet republic with major fossil-fuel and uranium deposits, is also one of the ex-U. The agency also said that "a group of grooms is coming from Beijing to Astana to get married," local media reported."We are planning several [matchmaking] events," Gimeney boasted, according to the main Kazakh news aggregator

They also reiterated calls for Kazakh laws to be amended to prevent "our girls" who marry foreigners from keeping their nationality and the foreigners involved from being granted Kazakh citizenship.

In September, the opposition newspaper Zhasalash raised alarm over the "frightening" number of Chinese labor migrants moving to Kazakhstan, a country of 18 million people.

The paper quoted the Health and Social Development Ministry as putting the number at 48 such migrants a day.

And the female fuzzy face tradition may continue for generations, as the couple already has six grandchildren.

My friends here are constantly teasing me for my, umm, constant talk about boys. ” Molly asks me, as she pauses in her story of the expat wives. This starts a discussion of all the eligible men we know.