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The patients requiring Lycopodium usually show excessive craving for hot drinks and sweets.

Sepia Officinalis is an excellent medicine to deal with menstrual problems due to hypothyroidism where the menses are very profuse and appear very early.

Patient requiring this medicine passes many days without going for stool, he feels no desire for stool until a large accumulation has occurred in intestines.

The stool is mainly soft and clay like but it requires great straining to expel the stool due to sluggish action of rectum.

The last medicine Bryonia Alba can help in relieving those patients who complain of excessively hard and dry stool.

An unusual thirst for large quantities of water may be present in patients requiring Bryonia Alba.

All these are equally good for decreasing the sensitivity towards cold but the selection of the medicine solely depends upon the constitutional symptoms given by the patient.

Psorinum may be given to those patients who always feel chilly and even in hot weather desire extra coverings to combat the extreme chilliness.

Lycopodium Clavatum is also a natural where the thighs and buttock region is obese.

Homeopathic Remedies for treating hair fall in patients of Hypothyroidism: There are no patent medicines in homeopathy for treating hair fall in a patient of hypothyroidism and the medicine has to be selected depending upon the constitutional symptoms of the patient.

Natrum Muriaticum is a very good homeopathic medicine for dealing with hair fall cases in persons suffering from hypothyroidism.

Patients requiring Psorinum may also give a history of some sort of skin complaint during their life time.

Next medicine Silicea mainly suits obstinate kind of people who are extremely sensitive to cold and who have offensive perspiration on feet.