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In fact, the first episode sets the stage for Moody's errors in judgment when it comes to sexual entanglements that create major consequences in this first season.Moody may not be the most likable guy, but there is a certain charm to the character that adds a bit more depth.Becca is a wise-beyond-her-years teenager with whom Moody is more honest than he usually is, as well as more sympathetic.Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler), Moody's agent and best friend also offers him a chance to show more dimension, although Charlie also proves to be flawed in some of the same ways.Details about Mc Elhane’s role are not being revealed, but I hear her character is described as the visionary British CEO of the company behind the mission to Mars.

Part of the problem that Moody’s poor choices create is that the viewer is implicitly meant to understand or try to understand them.

Episode after episode seems to reinforce Moody’s womanizing and self-destruction, and his constantly inappropriate behavior towards his ex, usually in front of Becca and Karen’s fiancé, Bill, creates a repetitive and heavy-handed portrayal.

The bonus features are disappointing to say the least, in that they are limited to biographies of the main cast, and what amounts to a commercial for a vacation package sweepstakes.

Karen in particular is so frequently charmed by Hank that oftentimes the viewer can't help but be charmed along with her.

Moody’s relationship with Becca is one that offers a glimpse of the loving and mostly responsible father he still is even while his own life is off track.