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"I finally decided on a doctor who does it for ,500, but ,000 should cover the incidentals since techniques vary by price and surgical complications can arise, it's wise to overestimate, too." Up until now he has used savings for all transition-related medical costs, but is starting to raise funds with the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.Financing the change When money is scarce, the temptation to cut corners or turn to nontraditional payment methods can be intense.Creating a penis, called a phalloplasty, is the lower body modification.The average cost range for the top and bottom combination is broad, at ,000 to over ,000, since there are multiple types of genital surgery.

Mc Cormack is still waiting on "top" surgery, after having completed hormone therapy, and has researched physicians based on price and procedures offered.Both men and women receive hormone therapy and extensive counseling before any medical procedure is performed, with ,000 being a low annual estimate.Add extra cosmetic work to the mix -- such as a tracheal shave to pare down an Adam's apple for a more feminine look or buttock reduction to attain a mannish posterior -- and the cost escalates.SRS helps a person born male or female switch their gender by changing outward appearances. For males transitioning to females, top modifications include breast augmentation and facial feminization.Bottom modification consists of constructing female genitalia with a vaginoplasty.

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