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That notice says three locations in the state were slated to be closed on January 26. Several other states where CNNMoney has confirmed stores will be closing did not have such notices posted as of Thursday afternoon.

It's not clear how many stores have already closed.

Alex Corona -- who has worked in the tire department at a Sam's Club in Wheeling, Illinois for six years -- told CNNMoney he walked into work Thursday to find the door guarded by two security guards with a sign saying the store was closed.

Eventually, a manager vouched that he was an associate and he was allowed inside, Corona said.

When asked about the workers who will lose their jobs as a result of the Sam's Club closures, however, Mnuchin responded: "Different companies will do different things.

Some companies will invest capital, some companies will return money to workers.

Lots of things are going on in the economy, and we appreciate what Walmart is doing.--CNNMoney's Chris Isidore, Kathryn Vasel and David Goldman contributed to this report.

Later -- when asked about Walmart's double-barreled decision to raise wages but close Sam's Club stores -- White House press secretary Sarah Sanders praised the company."They raised minimum wage," Sanders told reporters at a press briefing.

"They are increasing salaries to over a million American workers.