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Fascination and infatuation are at the root of most love affairs.To understand why the affair is so intoxicating you need to understand the differences between married love and infatuation.Vivienne, 9, comes in with a friend, having just been at a sleepover.Jolie picks up a small piece of a blanket, shredded to death, and explains, laughing, “She has 32 blankets.But as soon as she starts speaking, you realize that your preconceived notions about Jolie aren’t quite right.She comes across, rather, as normal-person friendly and practical, even chitchatty.

Jolie laughs and tells her daughter about the swim Dusty just took.

He was soon cleared and later said in an interview with .

And so she hasn’t really unpacked, barely knows her way around the place, has never had a real visitor, and isn’t sure where the best spot is to sit and talk.

There’s the Angelina Jolie who’s now a single mother—managing the day-to-day chaos of six kids, and the trauma of her split from Brad Pitt—and there’s the Angelina Jolie whose latest movie, a groundbreaking Netflix original about Cambodia’s genocide, is also a thank-you to the nation that transformed her.

Like most things involving Angelina Jolie, stepping foot into her house is an experience so heightened one wonders if it’s for real or the product of careful orchestration.