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“Unfortunately, he died 2 years ago from bone cancer.

Aimed at curbing “fugitive” emissions from equipment leaks and similar releases, the proposal would set a fence line limit for benzene of 3 parts per billion — a fraction of the 10 ppb the agency recommends as the maximum chronic exposure level for the chemical. In written comments, the API’s Matthew Todd called the proposal “a major and significant Agency action [that] will dramatically increase the paperwork and recordkeeping burden on refineries.

It includes several precedent-setting proposals, will cost our industry hundreds of millions of dollars per year, increase safety risk [and] may impact fuels production and cost ….

“It was one of those light-bulb moments for us,” said Jeff Mc Elheney, Jarrett’s father.

“You never get over it.” New battlefront for industry Jarrett Mc Elheney does not represent the standard benzene plaintiff.